Kevin Bledsoe, Vice President of Brokerage’s Posts

Kevin Bledsoe, Vice President of Brokerage’s Posts

Offer Guidelines

Preparing to Purchase a Self Storage Facility, Part 4: Offer Guidelines

Many first time self storage buyers have experience with residential or commercial real estate such as high density housing, small office buildings or retail strip centers. But self storage is unique, and has several offer guidelines that you should include in your purchase and sale agreement that are not typical to other real estate transactions. In Part […] Read More
What Is A Cap Rate Feature Image

What Is A Cap Rate?

Cap Rate is short for Capitalization Rate. The definition of Cap Rate, per the Third Edition of Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal, is “any rate used to convert income into value”. Cap Rates are a valuation tool used to compare returns on investment real estate that may vary in rent rates, construction, location and a […] Read More