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The Best Real Estate Investments for Passive Income

Instead of exchanging your time for money, why not spend your effort setting up a passive income system and then watch the profit come in? With passive income, you’re not limited by the number of hours you can devote to work. Passive income lets your money work for you and frees up your time to […] Read More

The Best Self-Storage Investment Opportunities

Every time an individual or business rents a self-storage unit for the short or long term, you could be making money. Self-storage investment is a type of commercial real estate investment opportunity that is affordable, lucrative and offers low risk. Best of all, there are a variety of ways to invest in self-storage. Different Ways […] Read More

Self-Storage Investing for Beginners

If you’re wondering how to start investing in self-storage, you’ll want to start with research so you can make the most of the opportunity. We’ve put this guide together to help you. What Is Self-Storage Investing? This form of commercial real estate investment lets you put your resources into self-storage facilities, where you can rent […] Read More

Self-Storage Ownership vs. Franchising: What Should You Choose?

Is it better to develop your own storage business or open a franchise? Both options come with advantages and disadvantages you’ll want to weigh carefully. The Pros and Cons of Storage Franchises If you decide to invest in a self-storage franchise, there are some potential downsides to keep in mind: You have less control of […] Read More

How Profitable Is a Self-Storage Facility?

Are you curious about the potential return on investment (ROI) of owning a storage facility? While you have lots of options if you’re interested in real estate investing, there are several reasons why storage facilities can be especially lucrative: They are low maintenance: Unlike an apartment building, storage units don’t need stylistic appeal — and […] Read More
Self Storage vs. Commericla Real Estate Investing

Self Storage Vs. Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate investments can mean buying, selling or leasing properties for retail, office and other commercial purposes. Technically, investing in self storage is also a type of commercial real estate since you will rent this space to customers. Still, this subset of commercial real estate has a few advantages. In general, investing in commercial […] Read More

Conditional Use vs. Permitted Use Zoning for Self Storage Facilities

Zoning laws are land-use designations determining which areas landowners can use for housing, commercial use, industry and other needs. Usually, there are limits and zoning requirements for self storage facilities, too, which vary by city. If you want to invest in self storage property or build a facility, you need to understand local zoning laws […] Read More
How To Rezone Property For Self Storage

How to Rezone Property for Self Storage

Zoning laws protect spaces in communities and reduce conflict between different property owners. Zoning ensures properties like industrial facilities and schools aren’t near one another and maintains enough residential space for homes. Over time, however, zoning needs can change. For example, you may see an opportunity to add a self storage property to an area […] Read More
Physical vs. Economic Vacancy in Self-Storage

Physical vs. Economic Vacancy in Self-Storage

Self-storage owners and managers often rely on physical occupancy rates to gauge their facility’s performance. However, physical occupancy is just one factor that contributes to a property’s health. Ultimately, the goal of your self-storage business is to maximize your profits. If your facility has good physical occupancy rates but isn’t reaching its full earning potential, […] Read More
How to Choose Land for Self-Storage Development

How to Choose Land for Self-Storage Development

When considering a piece of land or property for a self-storage development, multiple factors come into play. Some land is more suitable for self-storage development than others, meaning you need to understand what’s involved in making the right choice for your new business.  You’ll mainly need to consider the data and insights you collect about […] Read More