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How to Buy a Self Storage Facility

Before you begin, ask yourself how a self storage investment fits into your business plan. How involved do you want to be in the daily operations? Do you need a property management firm? Are you looking in a specific market? Here are the basic items you should research before acquiring a self storage facility.

Determine Your Ideal Property Size and Location

Real estate is always about location and self storage isn’t any different. Working together with our team of experts will help you to determine your ideal property, size and location.

Team of Experts

Purchasing a self storage facility takes a team of professionals. In addition to the best self storage real estate broker in the industry, you will need to engage services of an attorney, appraiser, financial institution, surveyor and possibly an engineer. IRE works with top professionals in each field who are familiar with self storage properties and the unique matters surrounding them. Through our vast network, we will align you with the right people to get the transaction completed.

Purchasing Process

Our brokerage team has seen thousands of letters of intent, purchase and sale agreements, and due diligence documents. We will share the materials you need to effectively research a self storage facility and help you with financing assistance. The brokerage team works diligently to keep deals moving through the purchasing process so that both parties reach the closing table without surprises or issues.

There are specific guidelines to buying and operating a successful self storage facility. Investment Real Estate has the tools, resources, knowledge and experience to keep you on track to closing on your first or next self storage facility.

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