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Free Confidential Self-Storage Property Valuation

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    With the right brokerage team at your back, selling your self-storage facility can yield a great return. IRE offers self-storage appraisal services to give sellers an accurate valuation of their self-storage facility’s value to develop pointed selling strategies. When you work with IRE, you’ll receive a free, confidential storage facility valuation to prepare you for the process ahead.

    Our Storage Facility Valuation Process

    IRE makes it easy to sell self-storage properties at an attractive rate. Through our years of experience, we’ve developed a simple three-step plan to determine the value of your self-storage facility and help guide you throughout the sale process.

    Step 1: Property Assessment

    Our technique starts with our free valuation. A self-storage appraiser will speak with you over the phone or at your site to discuss your facility, gather financial documents, take pictures and assess its value.

    Before your self-storage business valuation, you’ll need to gather some financial information for the most accurate appraisal. Take the time to gather documents detailing your:

    • Net operating income.
    • Physical and economic occupancy rates.
    • Capitalization rates.

    With facility information at hand, IRE’s team of industry professionals will create an official self-storage property valuation and present our findings to you for review. This detailed valuation record includes information like:

    • Analyses of demographics, unit mixes, finances, cash flow and market supply and demand.
    • Competition pricing survey and a personal pricing strategy.
    • Comparable sales and summary.
    • Property recommendations.

    Step 2: Valuation of Self-Storage Facility Calculated

    After thoroughly examining your assets and researching how they compare in your area, we’ll sit down with you and take you through our findings. Our experts can answer any questions you have about your valuation, but it’s helpful to understand how many factors can affect your valuation.

    Some considerations we look at during the valuation of self-storage businesses are:

    • Net operating income (NOI): Your NOI equals your total income minus your operating expenses, or your profit.
    • Location and demographics: Locations with higher traffic and income levels can improve your valuation. So can locations near military bases, universities and other temporary housing situations.
    • Market level: If your self-storage area covers primary markets, you have a greater potential for growth, higher traffic levels and wealthier clients.
    • Capitalization rates: We determine your cap rate by dividing your NOI by the current market value, showcasing how your property fits into current market conditions. We consider all three cap rates — the current, pro forma and market — in your valuation.
    • Occupancy: We calculate occupancy percentages based on your self-storage facility’s occupancy and rental rates over months or even years. It explores your current income and compares it to your future potential.

    At this time, we’ll also recommend ways to improve your facility’s value, increase cash flow and determine the ideal time to sell.

    Step 3: Property Listed

    When we’ve come to a common consensus, we’ll list your property on our highly trafficked property portfolio of storage facilities and implement various networking strategies to connect you with the most qualified buyers. We put as much information as possible into your portfolio listing so that potential buyers can see everything you have to offer and understand what your business can do for them.

    Our database features information for more than 8,000 buyers, and with so many of them available, we’re sure to find a match for your property to pass it off into good hands. Our networking process involves taking your business to marketing events and trade shows. We’ll work until we find the perfect buyer for your facility.

    Benefits of Partnering with IRE

    For over two decades, IRE has prided itself on being one of the only self-storage experts in the country who can offer comprehensive services in property management, brokerage and feasibility, construction and development. Whether you’re focused on a single property or you manage million-dollar portfolios around the country, our experts have the experience and know how to help.

    Since 1998, we’ve listed and sold more than $1 billion in self-storage valuation services and more through our extensive buyer database. Our team has constructed more than 2.5 million square feet of storage space and managed dozens of properties in eight states. Since we’re constantly looking to improve for our clients, we’ve compiled more than 250 feasibility studies to help businesses like yours get the most out of their space.

    You Have Questions…We Have Answers.

    Let us help you answer these important self-storage business valuation questions with a free, confidential self-storage property valuation:

    • What is my self-storage property worth today?
    • How do I prepare for a sale?
    • Do I have equity in my property that I could realize with a sale?
    • Is my property worth more today than it will be in the future?
    • What are the risks of waiting to sell versus cashing in now?
    • Have occupancy and rental rates peaked?
    • Are there new competitors entering my market?
    • How long will it take to market my property and get to settlement?
    • How much will it cost me to sell my property through Investment Real Estate?

    Ready to Start a Self Storage Facility Appraisal?

    With connections across the Atlantic Coast, IRE is ready to help you find the best buyer for your self-storage facility. To get started with your free self-storage business valuation, complete the form below or contact an IRE broker today!