Our Sales Process

Our Self Storage Sales Process

IRE brokers recognize the intricate details involved in owning and operating a self storage facility. To best understand your unique storage property, we engage in a 5 step process to sell the self storage portfolio gaining a maximum return for the seller.

What’s Included in Your Self Storage Property Valuation?

IRE uses a proven method to properly value your storage facility. Our brokerage team has sold $1 Billion in Self Storage in 500 transactions since 1998. Here are the highlights of what will be included for your FREE property valuation:

  • Demographic Analysis
  • Comparable Sales and Summary
  • Competition Pricing Survey
  • Unit Mix Analysis
  • Financial Analysis (Revenue, Expenses, NOI Calculations)
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Market Supply and Demand Analysis
  • Property Recommendations

Sell Your Storage Facility Today

Step 1: Call Our Self Storage Brokerage Team

Give Us a Call

IRE Sales Process Step 1We want to hear everything you have to say about your self storage property. What does it mean to you? What do you want to get out of it? Is the property in good condition or does it need a lot of work? How long do you want to keep it? Call our trusted brokerage team and provide us with some insight into your self storage facility and your goals.

Meet for a Property Tour

Let us come and see you! You cannot replace the value of seeing a self storage facility first hand. Photos may say a thousand words, but nothing replaces being on site and touring a property in person. Our team drives the miles to visit with you and to learn the details about your self storage property.

Step 2: Develop the Storage Facility Property Valuation

How We Develop Our Valuation

IRE Sales Process Step 2Accurately analyzing a property’s financial statements requires experience and finesse. We will work with everything from hand written ledgers to sophisticated software management to provide you with the most accurate valuation possible. The brokerage team at IRE will transform your raw data into a complete financial analysis, pricing strategy, and list of property recommendations all combined in our free confidential property valuation.

Our brokerage team also spends time researching market demographics and reviewing direct competitors in your area. The property valuation contains a thorough market supply and demand analysis, unit mix analysis, demographic analysis, comparable property sales, and a competition rental survey. It is a comprehensive package that includes all the necessary pieces you need to make an informed decision about selling your self storage facility.

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Step 3: Self Storage Property Valuation Review

Our Property Valuation Review Process

IRE Sales Process Step 3

That’s right – we will be back to meet with you in person to review the honest, accurate property valuation in detail page by page. Our knowledgeable brokerage team can answer your questions and engage in an in-depth conversation about how the property value came to fruition.

Step 4: List Your Self Storage Property for Sale and the IRE Brokerage Team Will Find the Best Buyer

Our Storage Facility Listing Process

IRE Sales Process Step 4Trusting our team with your self storage investment is the right decision. After you sign the listing agreement, our talented marketing team will jump in and design a comprehensive offering memorandum specifically for your portfolio. It includes maps, photos, charts and more to fully show prospective buyers the self storage property. The offering memorandum is confidential and will only be shared with individuals willing to sign a confidentiality agreement. We have more than 8,000 self storage buyers in our database, and we know which ones will be most interested in your self storage facility.

Finding the best offer and buyer for your facility takes a great deal of networking. We will take your listing to tradeshows, networking events and directly to the market to find the right match. We will handle most aspects of the selling process while keeping you informed as we move toward the settlement of your property.

Step 5: Storage Facility Settlement and Celebration

Trust IRE for Your Storage Facility Settlement

IRE Sales Process Step 5The sale of your self storage facility is our top priority and we work tirelessly to make sure that we get your property sold, at the best price possible and to the settlement table in a timely manner. Our experienced brokerage team can handle any mishaps that may surface along the way. We can help solve problems before they become deal breaking issues. We keep the transaction moving forward and on pace. Most importantly, we work diligently to ensure the closing company has the correct documents, prorations and settlement sheets.

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