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Our team understands the nuances and will guide you through the process of selling your self storage asset.

Our Services

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When it comes to selling a self storage property, we have experience and knowledge that is unmatched in the industry. We focus only on self storage and will get you from listing your property to the closing table.


Pre-Sale Value Enhancement

In preparing your property for sale, we are able to make recommendations that can significantly increase the value of your self storage facility and your cash flow. Every $1,000 of additional income causes a value enhancement of $11,764 at sale. We consult with our clients well before they put their facility on the market to assist them in obtaining the best possible price. Investors like this approach, too, as the income stream is there, without any guessing games of whether it will work or not.

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1031 Exchange Assistance

Have questions regarding IRS tax codes or basics regarding 1031 “tax deferred exchanges”? Our team of professionals can walk you and your team through the basics and get you started on the right path. Follow the link below to learn more.

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Deferred Sales Trust™

The brokerage team will connect you with the experts that handle Deferred Stales Trust™ estate planning. By using the Deferred Sales Trust™ strategy sellers are able to defer the entire capital gains tax liability, which enables them to invest the entire proceeds from the sale of their properties. It is an alternative to a 1031 Exchange.

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Property Management Experience

Several IRE brokers had efficacious careers as District and Regional Property Managers, managing over 175 sites combined. The owner of IRE currently owns and manages 21 facilities. This level of unmatched expertise is used to help sellers improve the operations of their current sites. We can find expenses to reduce, payments to improve, and provide insightful feedback on improving operations and cash flow making the self storage facility even more valuable to prospective buyers.

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Market Research & Knowledge

Market knowledge is the key to getting the highest price in the shortest time possible. This market knowledge is gained by our constant research of the marketplace. We are in contact with all owners of self storage facilities at least twice per year. We track all properties that are actively being marketed, we verify and catalog all sales, we call municipal officials to find any proposed new construction, we monitor the internet for any sale, lease or construction news and we conduct rent surveys regularly as well as market summary analyses to determine demand and supply levels. Our market knowledge is crucial to advertising a property, securing a buyer, and bringing the transaction to a timely close. We avoid wasting valuable marketing time with tire kickers and unqualified buyers who are not capable of purchasing the property.

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Development & Construction Experience

The IRE brokerage team continually handles land and plan development transactions. We dive into a supply and demand analysis to determine if a self storage facility would have great success at your location. With a construction manager on staff, we have the resources to properly identify the costs associated with building a new site. With the appropriate factual information, we can find the right buyer to purchase your lands and plans package and build a new self storage facility.

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Feasibility Studies

A comprehensive investigation of the property location and local market is crucial to your success. We provide professional, objective third-party verification of your future project.

Our first core value is to do what is right for our customers. We conduct feasibility studies with an objective, honest, straightforward, reliable approach. Often times, we do not recommend building a self storage site due to market saturation or other outside negative influences. Our goal is to have your self storage development project be a success. A comprehensive investigation of the proposed location and the local market is crucial to that success. Take out the speculation and talk to the professionals you can trust.

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