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We can help you maximize your investment and get the highest dollar for your self storage asset upon sale.

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We share ideas with owners and buyers to explore with their legal counsel and tax professional on how to maximize their investment, help with estate planning and protect their assets from litigation. We can also offer you suggestions to maximize your sales proceeds. IRE personnel are experienced in handling these transactions and can be a valuable resource in exploring tax strategies that can minimize the tax consequences of real estate.

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Bethel Self Storage Park, Bethel NY {
Sold For $2,100,000.00
Portfolio of Past Sales

Bethel Self Storage Park

Bethel Self Storage Park is comprised of 11 buildings and opened in 2004. The facility consists of morethan 200 storage units, including outdoor parking spaces, carports, barn storage units, a rental house and an apartment above the rental office as well as a box truck.

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Portfolio of Past Sales

Easton Public Storage

Property Highlights Include: 233 Units 22,175 NRSF 7.2% Cap Rate 72% Physical Occupancy 51% Economic Occupancy Room for Expansion Under Market Rental Rates No Tenant Insurance Program

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Portfolio of Past Sales

Kingston Self Storage

Property Highlights Include: 240 Units 32,355 NRSF Excellent Location off Route 3 86% Financial Occupancy 95% Physical Occupancy Management Upside

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Portfolio of Past Sales

Lock and Roll Self Storage

Property Highlights Include: 120 Units 6 Parking Spaces 13,300 SF 5,000 GSF Expansion Approved 97% Unit Occupancy 81% Economic Occupancy

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Drexel Hill Storage {
Sold For $465,000.00
Portfolio of Past Sales

Drexel Hill Storage

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Pre-Sale Enhancement Resources from Our Experienced Team

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Timing the Market to Sell

Timing the Market to Sell

Whether you are a buyer or a seller of self storage properties, paying attention to the overall self storage market and valuations can make hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of difference to your bottom line. Real estate market cycles are broken down into four categories: recession, recovery, expansion and oversupply. We believe that the […]

self storage financing checklist

GUEST BLOG: Self Storage Financing Checklist

Submitted to Investment Real Estate by Craig Portner at Union Community Bank The self storage industry has grown by leaps and bounds during recent years. Over $3.5 billion dollars was spent on self storage construction during 2017, up from $1 billion in 2015. The safety of this investment, given the right location, is evident in capitalization rates […]

Site Assessment and Remediation

GUEST BLOG: One Size Doesn’t Fit All:Environmental Due Diligence for the Self Storage Marketplace

Submitted to Investment Real Estate by David Coynel, Liberty Environmental, Inc. Here’s a common scenario to consider: you’re standing in a store, deciding which type and size of shoe to buy. Should you buy a dressy work shoe? A sporty pair of running shoes, or a casual loafer, perhaps? The decision, of course, is a function of […]

buy storage, due diligence feature image

Preparing to Purchase a Self Storage Facility, Part 5:Due Diligence Items

When creating a Purchase and Sale Agreement, in order to purchase a self storage property, consideration for due diligence is extremely important. Without the proper documents and amount of time in place to evaluate a property, it is very hard to proceed with a sense of confidence in buying the property. On the other hand, […]