NSA IRE/Moove In Self Storage Relationship

National Storage Affiliates (NYSE:NSA) is one of the largest owners and operators of self storage facilities among public and private companies in the U.S. NSA has nine Participating Regional Operators (PROs) and five corporate brands throughout the country. IRE Management oversees all of the Moove In Self Storage properties within the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

Moove In Self Storage joined NSA as a PRO in March 2019 and began contributing properties immediately. To date, we have 38 properties within the NSA REIT.

CEO John Gilliland is a voting member of the NSA PRO acquisition investment committee.

  • To date, we have contributed and/or acquired 38 properties to NSA. Our REIT properties encompass 23,333 units, 2,964,388 of net rentable square feet, totaling over $334 million in value.
  • At the end of 2022, NSA’s portfolio totaled 71.8 million rentable square feet and 1,101 properties.
  • NSA has outperformed its self storage peers in key performance metrics since its IPO in April 2015.
  • As a PRO, Moove In Self Storage is provided with a variety of processes, platforms and programs that deliver net operating income (NOI) and meets customer needs. Since joining NSA, Moove In Self Storage has implemented its robust online leasing platform, which streamlines the rental processes, leading to a higher rate of rental completion.
  • Being a PRO for NSA allows Moove In Self Storage to benefit from expertise and experience of the eight other PROs.
  • The NSA team also provides sophisticated paid marketing, pricing and promotion strategies; advanced SEO practices; and data-driven revenue management.
  • NSA stock is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NYSE:NSA