IRE Hires Jess Dubbs as Executive Assistant/Marketing

Jess Dubbs Hired as Executive Assistant/Marketing

IRE Hires Jess Dubbs as Executive Assistant/Marketing

PRESS RELEASE: York, PA – August 13, 2013 – Hires Jess Dubbs as Executive Assistant/Marketing

Locally owned and operated Investment Real Estate, LLC (IRE) announces the hiring of Jess Dubbs as John Gilliland’s Executive Assistant. Jess is responsible for the daily operations of the home office. In addition, she leads the marketing efforts for the Investment Real Estate Group of Companies, including the self storage facilities managed by Investment Real Estate Management, LLC.

IRE expects that moving all marketing in-house will improve company-wide marketing efforts, specifically in digital marketing, over the next year and beyond. In addition, a re-branding effort for the Investment Real Estate Group of Companies is already underway, starting with the very exciting launch of the new logo and website for the Moove In Self Storage facilities in early July. A full re-branding strategy is under development and will begin to take shape later this year. To view the new logo and website, visit

Also on the horizon, a new website for IRE is planned to commence later this year, kicking things off with a company photo shoot at the office in late July.

Jess brings over 13 years of experience in design and marketing in both the corporate and private sector. She has a vast amount of knowledge in the print industry and digital marketing arena. Most recently she held a leadership role for a multi-award winning ad agency in Lancaster, PA, where she managed a team of seven and directed company-wide production of more than 100 projects daily. She also owns and operates a freelance business focusing on graphic and multimedia design and photography.

When asked about her new position in the company, Jess divulges, “Working for John has been great! IRE is an awesome company – successful, family focused, a leader in the industry – joining the team was a great decision for me. I am excited to help bring our companies to the forefront of digital marketing. There are so many avenues where I can advance our marketing efforts and utilize my knowledge and expertise to boost our ROI (return on investment). The self storage industry as a whole has not kept up with current marketing trends, specifically on the digital side of things…I plan to make sure that doesn’t happen to us.”

For more information, contact Jess Dubbs, Director of Marketing.

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