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Our team can assist you with the complexities of tax exchanges.

Our firm’s principal has been personally involved in helping clients effect IRS tax code section 1031 “tax deferred exchanges” since 1987. We can give you, your accountant and your legal counsel the basics of the process and introduce you to industry professionals who can meet all of the technical requirements. This method of deferring taxes can significantly increase your return on your self storage investment and should be considered before each sale of an investment property.

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Ashley Dearborn

IRE Hires Ashley Dearborn as Executive Assistant

Locally owned and operated Investment Real Estate, LLC (IRE) announces the hiring of Ashely Dearborn as Executive Assistant of Brokerage. Ashely is responsible for preparing proposal and offering memorandum packages, managing the licensing for the brokers, sending out press releases and other information to the public. She’s always willing and ready to tackle any special task they send […]

IRE Hires Matt Junkin as Brokerage Associate

Locally owned and operated Investment Real Estate, LLC (IRE) announces the hiring of Matt Junkin as Brokerage Associate Matt is an integral role on the Brokerage team. From handling general administration documents and legal activities, to compiling financial and market analysis projects, Matt supports the brokerage team with their needs. Matt works with appraisers, brokerage members, and other […]

Preparing To Purchase A Self Storage Facility Blog

Lessons Learned from Preparing to Purchase a Self Storage Facility

If you’re considering purchasing a self storage property, hopefully you’ve done your homework. Over the last decade, self storage has become a popular investment, often offering high returns than other real estate investment classes. However, buying a self storage facility is no small task — so how can you best prepare yourself for a successful […]

maximize self storage property value

How To Maximize the Value of Your Self Storage Property

The value of any investment is derived from the cash flows it generates. With a self storage property, those cash flows are realized when revenue exceeds expenses, creating Net Operating Income (NOI). Any increase in NOI will produce a proportional increase in the value of your storage property. If you wish to maximize the value […]