Development & Construction Experience

Self Storage Construction Can Be Complicated.

Building a new self storage facility from the ground up or expanding an existing one can be a challenging task. Commercial construction, such as self storage, has more regulations and nuances than other types of construction like residential. There are many time consuming tasks that need completed for a self storage construction project. Examples of these are completing necessary applications, following specific municipal requirements, working with the township for approvals, finding the best architects, engineers and contractors, handling storm water management and building codes, ADA requirements that are always changing, security issues and obtaining a final inspection to secure a Certificate of Occupancy. These items take years of experience and knowledge to get them done correctly and in a timely manner. Our team can help guide you with your construction projects so they are completed on time and in budget.

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Consult the Experts.

The team at IRE  has a combined 38 years in the construction industry, which includes 10 years building only self storage facilities. We have worked with the best vendors and know the best materials to use, what your project should cost, and how long it should take to complete. We afford self storage owners the confidence to select the right vendors and partners to ensure that your project will be designed and built under the guidance of expert management, saving time and unnecessary expense. From veteran self storage owners to first time developers, having our team on your side is vital for success of your project. Lean on us for the latest self storage trends and construction techniques utilized within the industry, and benefit from our network of preferred engineers, architects, sub-contractors and suppliers with self storage expertise. Our team of professionals can guide you through these critical issues.

Pre-Construction & Construction Service Knowledge.

IREC has invaluable knowledge and experience working with engineers, architects and legal counsel when designing, presenting and permitting self storage projects. We have been at public meetings presenting self storage projects and understand how critical these presentations are to keep your project on schedule and on budget through the entire approval process. Having experience in these areas can help save owners time and money over the life of the self storage facility.

We can be there to advise you through the entire construction process, from selecting contractors and vendors through the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. Having been through this process ourselves, we understand the ins and outs and the issues that can crop up. Our team can be on your side guiding you through a successful self storage construction project.

Construction Maintenance Experience.

The condition and appearance of your self storage facilities are vital aspects of a profitable self storage investment. Wear and tear and breakdowns keep self storage facilities from operating at peak performance. Every owner understands these issues need to be repaired, upgraded or maintained in a timely manner for optimum operations. If you need assistance, our team can consult with you to find the best solutions available in the self storage industry.