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Considering Self Storage Development?
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Thinking of developing a self storage facility? Then a feasibility study is what you need. Our goal is to have your self storage development project be a success, whether it is your 1st or your 40th self storage endeavor. A comprehensive investigation of the proposed location and the local market is crucial to that success. We provide professional, objective third-party verification of your proposed project. When you are investing millions, spend a little and get the recommendations you need to make the right decision — for you. Take out the speculation and talk to the professionals you can trust.

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I was glad that I had Investment Real Estate look at my sites. They’ve done three studies for me and gave me the go-ahead for two. I appreciated their forthrightness in pointing out the problems I would have had with the one site, and since we found out early in the process, they saved me a lot of money in the long run.

Hutch Haines Developer, Avon, CT

Supply & Demand Study

An initial supply and demand study will indicate whether a development would be supported by the market. This report is delivered in PDF Format, and includes the following:

  • Demographics
  • Competition Location Map
  • Supply & Demand Analysis

Cost:  $500
Timeline:  5 Business Days

Condensed Feasbility Study

Projected valuation on the facility. This report is delivered in PDF Format, and includes the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Competition Location Map
  • Supply & Demand Analysis
  • Rent Comparable Summary
  • Projected Gross Scheduled Income
  • Stabilized Net Operating Income
  • Demographics
  • Qualifications of Investment Real Estate Staff

Cost:  $2,500
Timeline:  10 Business Days

Full Feasibility Study

Extensive evaluation of proposed development. This report is delivered in PDF Format and we also provide a printed and bound copy, and includes the following:

brokerage - feasibility study example

    • Demographic report with summary analysis.
    • Total supply and demand analysis for self storage within the market.
    • Information, photos, maps and analysis of competing facilities.
    • Recommended project size.
    • Construction estimates.
    • A review & examination of the proposed site.
  • Recommended unit mix (excluding layout) and pricing recommendations.
  • A detailed financial analysis of the project including gross scheduled income, income & expenses, rent up period cash flow analysis and seven year cash flow projections.
  • A general overview of the self storage industry.
  • An executive summary with the overall findings for the proposed site.

Cost:  $7,500
Timeline:  6 Weeks


Our Development Pro Forma is the heart of the feasibility study. This data is compiled in a bound presentation of over 70 pages. It is also available in an electronic format for your convenience in forwarding to investors, partners and bankers. We base this data on our experience in developing millions of square feet of self storage, managing over 70 facilities in eight states, and brokering over 500 self storage sales transactions. We incorporate rental rates, operating expenses, development costs, phasing recommendations and capital reserves with realistic lease-up assumptions to determine your multi-year investment returns. This pro forma is the blueprint for measuring the future success of your project.


Don’t just take our word for it. Our feasibility studies are highly valued by lending institutions, appraisers, joint venture partners, management firms and, most importantly, owners. Well researched and written studies are crucial to providing credibility to the project and project developer. Our industry reputation and overall track record over the years are proven by our clients’ success.


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