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As in any industry, what you know about the self storage marketplace has a direct effect on your success. Our market research is vitally important to any self storage investment. This market knowledge is gained by our constant research of the marketplace. We are in contact with a majority of owners of self storage facilities at least twice per year. In addition, we track all properties that are actively being marketed, we verify and catalog all sales, we call municipal officials quarterly to find any proposed new construction, we monitor the internet for any sale, lease or construction news, and we conduct rent surveys regularly as well as market summary analysis to determine demand and supply levels.


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maximize self storage property value

How To Maximize the Value of Your Self Storage Property

The value of any investment is derived from the cash flows it generates. With a self storage property, those cash flows are realized when revenue exceeds expenses, creating Net Operating Income (NOI). Any increase in NOI will produce a proportional increase in the value of your storage property. If you wish to maximize the value […]

operating self storage effectively during covid-19

Effectively Operating a Self Storage Facility During COVID-19

Has any industry truly been prepared to effectively operate their businesses during this unprecedented era of the COVID-19 Pandemic? Following the news and speaking to business owners in many different arenas, the answer to that question is a resounding “NO”, but there are a few that are uniquely positioned to thrive in a contact-free society. […]

digital security laptop

GUEST BLOG: 5 Digital Marketing Must-Haves for Self Storage Owners

Submitted to Investment Real Estate by Adam Mackie at G5 Summer leasing season is on its way and temperatures aren’t the only thing that’s heating up – competition is, too. Standing out in a crowded market takes more than rent discounts and a free lock. You need a marketing strategy that engages renters where they’re searching […]

self storage case study feature

Case Study: Recommendations and Future Value for Self Storage

Let’s take a look at a case study from the sale of a self storage facility in which the team at Investment Real Estate (IRE) represented the client in the summer of 2019. This sale is a prime example of how following proper recommendations from a self storage broker can dramatically change the value of […]