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We can help you maximize your investment and get the highest dollar for your self storage asset upon sale.

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Maximize Your Investment Returns

We share ideas with owners and buyers to explore with their legal counsel and tax professional on how to maximize their investment, help with estate planning and protect their assets from litigation. We can also offer you suggestions to maximize your sales proceeds. IRE personnel are experienced in handling these transactions and can be a valuable resource in exploring tax strategies that can minimize the tax consequences of real estate.

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Pre-Sale Enhancement Resources from Our Experienced Team

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prepare to sell your self storage property

How to Properly Prepare to Sell Your Self Storage Asset:
A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way

You’ve operated your self storage business to the best of your ability, and it’s been a significant part of your life since the journey began. Life presents you with unlimited possibilities, and one of those is taking advantage of the fruits of your labor to maximize your return on one of the biggest investments you’ve […]

Progressive Web Apps

GUEST BLOG: Progressive Web Apps – The Breakdown

Submitted to Investment Real Estate by Laura Gattis at The Storage Group Progressive Web Apps (PWA), a Google-developed mobile technology, are the future of online rental tools in the self storage industry. Facilities that have adopted a mobile online rental tool have found significant increases in customer satisfaction with the tenant user experience. That’s the expectation […]

transaction timeline feature

Transaction Timeline when Purchasing a Self Storage Facility

You’ve located the ideal self storage facility for your investment portfolio. You’ve analyzed the work involved and feel assured this property meets your investment objective. And you’ve decided you want to purchase this self storage asset. So, what’s next? Let’s review the timeline of a transaction so you can be prepared for each step and […]

self storage management software

GUEST BLOG: Innovating the Management of Multi-Facility Properties

Submitted to Investment Real Estate by Ajai Nair, CTO at Self Storage Manager As a self storage owner or operator, you know the importance of selecting the right management software to run your property. There are a handful of known platforms in the industry to choose from. But let’s review the benefits of the Self Storage […]