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We can help you maximize your investment and get the highest dollar for your self storage asset upon sale.

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We share ideas with owners and buyers to explore with their legal counsel and tax professional on how to maximize their investment, help with estate planning and protect their assets from litigation. We can also offer you suggestions to maximize your sales proceeds. IRE personnel are experienced in handling these transactions and can be a valuable resource in exploring tax strategies that can minimize the tax consequences of real estate.

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Pre-Sale Enhancement Resources from Our Experienced Team

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Timing The Market To Sell Your Self Storage Facility

Timing the Market to Sell Your Self Storage Facility

When considering the sale of your self storage facility, there are many important factors to keep in mind that can determine your success as a seller. One of these factors is the real estate market, as the overall state of the market can ultimately determine the value you can get for your self storage property.  […]

IRE Hires Matt Junkin as Brokerage Associate

Locally owned and operated Investment Real Estate, LLC (IRE) announces the hiring of Matt Junkin as Brokerage Associate Matt is an integral role on the Brokerage team. From handling general administration documents and legal activities, to compiling financial and market analysis projects, Matt supports the brokerage team with their needs. Matt works with appraisers, brokerage members, and other […]

Improve The Value of Your Self Storage Investment

How to Improve the Value of Your Self Storage Investment

Owning a self storage facility is a big investment, but it can also be a rewarding one if you manage it right. Whether you’re looking to sell your self storage property or you plan to retain ownership, it’s always a good idea to explore ways to improve the value of your self storage investment. Investments […]

Preparing To Purchase A Self Storage Facility Blog

Lessons Learned from Preparing to Purchase a Self Storage Facility

If you’re considering purchasing a self storage property, hopefully you’ve done your homework. Over the last decade, self storage has become a popular investment, often offering high returns than other real estate investment classes. However, buying a self storage facility is no small task — so how can you best prepare yourself for a successful […]