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Justin Quinto

Vice President of Asset Management

Real estate has long been a profitable revenue source for both buyers and sellers in Massachusetts, but a new avenue is opening up as a leading sector in the industry. For many, when they think of real estate, the first properties that come to mind are homes, apartment complexes, office spaces, or storefronts. However, self-storage facilities are rising to prominence as one of the most lucrative types of real estate.

As modern consumers prepare for economic uncertainty, they tend toward downsizing their homes to free up their funds. While families’ homes may be smaller, consumers still purchase goods at a similar rate, resulting in homeowners having less space to store the same amount of personal items. Storage facilities fill the essential need for additional space without a long-term obligation. Renters will commit thousands of dollars during the months in which they rent a storage facility, allowing property owners to secure a dependable source of revenue.

At Investment Real Estate, we broker deals between motivated sellers and qualified buyers that benefit everyone involved. With over two decades of experience in the industry, IRE is proud to be a self-storage realtor MA residents can trust. Work with IRE for dependable buyer and seller representation and services in cities like Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, and beyond.

Seller Representation

Today’s market presents opportunities for self-storage facility owners to receive an amazing return on their investment. IRE’s experienced brokers connect sellers with the most qualified buyers and offer other services that ensure you get the best possible return. Choose IRE as your broker to benefit from:

  • Industry experience: With over 20 years of brokering deals in the self-storage industry, IRE is the most qualified self-storage real estate agent in MA to help sellers get the best return on their investment. We know the market down to the local level, allowing us to develop a listing that attracts qualified buyers.
  • Tailored strategies: IRE will coordinate with you to create an accurate valuation report for your property. We’ll also provide tips for how you can improve your property value and maximize your return.
  • Buyer visibility: When you side with IRE, we’ll list your facility on our highly trafficked online database, where buyers can access facility information and make an offer. We also attend networking events and trade shows to connect directly with potential buyers on your behalf.

For more on how you can benefit from working with IRE, read about our sales process online.

Buyer Representation

Interested buyers can count on IRE to find a competitively priced property that meets their needs and fits within their budget. IRE self-storage brokers will coordinate with both new and experienced buyers to find deals on storage facilities for sale in Massachusetts and throughout the Northeastern United States.

The IRE team conducts extensive research into general market trends and other opportunities specific to the local area so you can make an informed addition to your investment portfolio. Our agents will assist in every step of the buying process, from finding properties to securing financing and completing all necessary paperwork.

Contact Your Local Broker

IRE’s experienced brokers connect self-storage facility owners and qualified buyers to negotiate a deal that works for all sides. For Massachusetts investors, our local brokers are here to help with dedicated representation services for sellers looking for property valuations and buyers searching for properties. Our brokerage team has connections throughout the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions and will help you close a lucrative deal.

To learn more about our buyer- and seller-side services, contact the IRE team today!