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Self Storage Brokers in New Jersey

New Jersey residents have long benefited from buying and trading real estate in common properties like homes, apartment complexes, office spaces, and others. Now, a new type of property is gaining traction in the industry — the self-storage facility.

As time passes, consumer needs change and new investment opportunities arise. Today, many New Jersey residents are reducing their home sizes to have more money on hand, yet they still purchase goods at the same rate as before. As a result, homeowners have less space to store their belongings. They then turn to self storage facilities as a temporary solution that grants them access to more space without a long-term commitment.

Throughout their self-storage facility lease, renters pay a significant amount of money. This stable income makes self-storage facilities a great revenue source for new buyers and increases property owners’ potential return on their investment.

At Investment Real Estate, we have over 20 years of experience brokering deals between qualified buyers and sellers in the New Jersey self-storage facility market. Count on our agents for dependable buyer- and seller-side services that produce lucrative deals for everyone involved.

Self Storage Seller Representation for New Jersey

Today, self-storage facility owners and investors can receive a better return than ever when they sell their properties, especially with the backing of a dedicated self storage brokerage team. IRE’s experienced agents are here to help sellers find the most qualified self storage investors and make a deal that maximizes their return. With IRE’s self storage brokerage network in your corner, you’ll benefit from:

  • Streamlined sales processes: IRE makes it easy to list and sell your self storage facility. Our experienced agents will run you through our five-step sales process and provide dedicated support — from your first call until we close the sale.
  • Personalized strategies: We’ll coordinate with you over the phone or in-person at your facility to learn as much as we can about your property and goals. With this information, we’ll produce an accurate property valuation and recommend pre-sale improvement strategies.
  • Dedicated assistance: IRE’s agents are here to help finalize deals by paying close attention to the small details that make or break sales. We’ll keep the transaction on pace by ensuring each party has the necessary documentation and troubleshooting any snags.

Self Storage Buyer Representation for New Jersey

If you’re interested in buying your first self-storage facility or expanding your investment portfolio, IRE’s agents will help you find a property that meets your needs and fits within your budget. The IRE team conducts extensive research into general industry trends and other patterns that directly impact the New Jersey market so we can negotiate a deal that maximizes your profitability as a new facility owner.

From securing financing to compiling and completing all necessary documentation, your IRE self-storage broker will help along every step of the acquisition process. Signing up for an IRE account will help you gain access to our database of self-storage properties for sale in NJ.

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Since our foundation in 1998, the IRE self-storage brokerage team has sold over $1 billion in self-storage facility transactions and amassed a wealth of self storage industry knowledge. Our agents can assist you in negotiating a deal that yields significant returns and positioning new owners for success in the industry. To learn more about our services for self storage buyers and sellers in New Jersey, contact the IRE team today and connect with one of our self-storage Realtors!