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Justin Quinto

Vice President of Asset Management

New York Self Storage Brokers

Now more than ever, the New York self-storage industry presents multiple opportunities for investors to bring in revenue by buying or selling properties. As the general public has trended toward purchasing smaller homes while consuming goods at similar rates, homeowners have less space to store their belongings. As a result, many rely on self-storage facilities as a safe and dependable solution.

These tenants will rent storage units for months or years at a time, guaranteeing property owners consistent payments. Storage facilities are highly lucrative to own and sell.

To get the best value buying or selling one of these facilities, work with a dependable self-storage Realtor in New York with experience negotiating competitive deals. At Investment Real Estate, we specialize in providing support to sellers and buyers to broker deals that benefit everyone involved. With over two decades of operating within the New York market, IRE has the experience to guide you through every step of the process.

Seller Representation

New York property owners interested in selling their self storage facilities can count on IRE’s services to receive the greatest return on their investment. Our experienced agents will help you from start to finish by connecting you with qualified buyers and making sure the deal goes through without a hitch. When you work with IRE, you’ll benefit from:

  • Free valuation: Valuation is the first step in the sales process. Your local IRE broker will speak with you to gather information on your facility and create a valuation report. We’ll share the report with you to gauge your feedback and develop the final listing.
  • Complementary recommendations: IRE’s experienced self-storage brokers understand the inner workings of a valuable storage facility and will recommend ways to maximize your property value.
  • Excellent exposure: IRE lists our partners’ self-storage facilities on our virtual database, which is accessible to qualified sellers with a profile on our site. We’ll also attend various networking events and trade shows to interface with potential buyers on your behalf directly.
  • Efficient settlement: Selling a self-storage facility takes time, and IRE is with you through it all. We’ll step in to resolve hangups that could break a deal and ensure every party has the necessary paperwork to complete the transaction.

Buyer Representation

Purchasing a self-storage facility in the New York area is an excellent way to secure a new revenue source. When you side with the IRE self-storage brokerage team, you’ll gain access to our extensive database of current listings through your account — plus plenty of market research to help you find the best property for your situation. Our brokers know New York’s self-storage industry, and they’ll help you understand the finer details that maximize your earning potential.

When you’re ready to move on a property, IRE provides various services to ensure everything is in order. We’ll review current offers to negotiate a deal that benefits your portfolio, assist in compiling all necessary documentation, aid in obtaining financing and more.

Connect With Your Local Brokerage Team

If you’re ready to find self-storage properties for sale in New York, you’re in the right place. IRE connects self-storage facility sellers with qualified buyers and negotiates beneficial deals. Work with us for firsthand attention from our talented local brokers. We offer easy access to the New York sector and markets throughout the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions.

For more information on our brokerage services, contact the IRE team today!