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Self Storage Brokers in Pennsylvania

Self Storage Brokers in Pennsylvania

Self-storage is a lucrative real estate sector, and we can help you get started with it. Investment Real Estate is the leading self-storage brokerage team in PA and beyond, boasting more than 20 years of experience and over $1 billion in asset sales. Conveniently headquartered between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in York, PA, our brokerage firm connects sellers and qualified buyers in cities throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

The self-storage market is growing faster than ever, and Pennsylvanians can benefit from the growth by purchasing or selling self-storage facilities. Over the last two decades, consumers have started shrinking their homes to free up their funds for other expenses or prepare for economic uncertainty. While Americans spend less on homes, they still purchase other household items at a similar rate. With less space to store belongings, consumers in every corner of the Keystone State turn to self-storage facilities as a temporary solution.

The booming self-storage industry means there is ample opportunity for investors to secure stable revenue from rent payments and sellers to receive an attractive return on their investment. For the most success when buying or selling, choose a self-storage Realtor in PA you can depend on. Work with IRE to benefit from our comprehensive services for buyers and sellers.

Seller Representation

Working with a dedicated brokerage team will help any seller receive the best return for their self-storage facility. With IRE on your side, you’ll benefit from a streamlined sales process tailored to your goals. Our experienced agents are ready to help you close a lucrative deal. When you work with IRE, you’ll get:

  • Industry expertise: The IRE brokerage team has over 75 years of combined experience in the self-storage industry. Our agents conduct extensive market research down to the local level, enabling them to understand the property characteristics and methods leading to profitable sales.
  • Personalized planning: Your IRE broker will speak with you at length to understand your property and goals. We’ll provide an accurate facility valuation and offer suggestions to improve operations and raise your property value.
  • Interregional connectivity: IRE connects sellers with the most qualified buyers by listing properties on our database and attending networking events with potential investors. Because we operate throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions, we expose your facility to a wide selection of offers.

Property owners can learn more about our sales process online to see our techniques in action.

Buyer Representation

IRE helps qualified buyers in every step of the self-storage facility acquisition process. We’ll use our knowledge of Pennsylvania’s self-storage market to help you find the right facility and negotiate deals that maximize your earning potential.

With IRE self-storage real estate agents, you’ll gain access to site photography, market research, tax maps, and more information that will help you make the most informed decision. When you’re ready to buy, we’ll negotiate a deal, assist with all necessary paperwork, help secure funding, and more.

Do Business With IRE Today for PA Self Storage 

If you’re ready to sell your facility, expand your portfolio or break ground in the self-storage market, IRE is here to help with the dedicated buyer and seller representation. Based in York, PA, our highly experienced self-storage brokers will find the right deal for you. For more information, contact the IRE team today or request an account!