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Virginia Self Storage Brokers

Virginia’s self-storage facility market is ripe with opportunities for investors to uncover a new income source and for sellers to see impressive returns. Many Americans are buying smaller houses, but they still purchase goods at comparable rates. As a result, consumers have less space to store their valued belongings, so they look for reliable storage solutions in their area. Buying and selling self-storage real estate is quickly becoming a significantly reliable way for investors to turn profits.

To find the most qualified buyers or best deals on self-storage real estate in Virginia, work with an experienced brokerage team like Investment Real Estate. At IRE, we have over two decades of experience coordinating with parties on both sides of self-storage facility acquisitions to negotiate deals that benefit everyone involved. Our brokerage team operates near Richmond, Fairfax, Norfolk, and other VA cities. Trust IRE to provide buyer and seller support that produces timely, lucrative resolutions.

Seller Representation

Property owners interested in selling their self-storage facilities can count on IRE for dependable representation through the entire sales process. Our services connect sellers with qualified buyers and help them receive the most valuable return on their investment. Our brokers are highly experienced and fully committed to producing the best results for every seller. With IRE brokers on your side, you’ll benefit from:

  • Personalized strategies: Your IRE broker will speak with you over the phone or in-person at your facility to discuss your property, understand your intentions and gather all necessary financial information. We’ll use this information to produce a valuation and recommend strategies to enhance your facility’s value before selling.
  • Industry expertise: At IRE, our brokers have years of experience in the self-storage industry — from a broad level down to the inner workings of Virginia’s local market. We perform extensive research to understand your property’s value and formulate the best sales approach.
  • Complete diligence: Selling a storage facility can be a long process, but IRE is with you every step of the way. Our self-storage brokers will interface with interested buyers to ensure the sales process runs smoothly, navigating any snags before they become deal-breakers. When it’s time to close the deal, IRE will ensure both sides have all necessary documentation.

Interested sellers can learn more about our sales process to figure out how to prepare to sell their properties.

Buyer Representation

Whether you’re an experienced investor or a new buyer entering the self-storage market, IRE will work with you to find a facility that meets your needs and fits your budget. Our Realtors maintain a thorough understanding of Virginia’s self-storage landscape, allowing IRE to broker deals that maximize buyers’ profits.

To make it easy for buyers to enter the market or increase their share, IRE assists in everything from locating properties to filling out paperwork and securing financing support. With monetary support from real estate agents, investors can find deals on profitable self-storage facilities for sale in Virginia.

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Buyers and sellers can count on IRE for the best self-storage brokerage in VA and beyond. Our experienced professionals are here to help, so get in touch with IRE today or request an account!