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Self Storage Brokers in West Virginia

Self Storage Brokers in West Virginia 

Real estate investments have always been a reliable way for buyers to amass wealth and sellers to receive handsome returns. For many, the first properties that come to mind may be homes or apartment complexes. However, self storage facilities are quickly rising to prominence as a stable and often lucrative investment. 

Today, notable amounts of Americans are buying smaller homes to reduce financial risk, but they continue accumulating personal possessions at a similar or rising rate. Self storage facilities provide renters a safe place to store their belongings until they next need them. Customers will pay hundreds of dollars to rent storage units, which offers an attractive income for property owners.

Trading self storage facilities can prove to be a worthwhile investment for both buyers and sellers, but to get the best deals, it’s essential to have a reliable broker in your court. At Investment Real Estate, we provide both buyer- and seller-side assistance to investors in West Virginia and beyond. With over 20 years of experience as a self storage Realtor in West Virginia, IRE is the best brokerage team for connecting sellers and qualified buyers. 

Seller Representation

Self storage facility owners can make plenty of money by selling their assets to a qualified buyer. IRE offers various services enabling sellers to connect with buyers and receive the best compensation for their property. Throughout our sales process, we help interested sellers stay up to date on new developments with their properties. Work with IRE, and you will receive advantages like: 

  • Free valuation: We’ll speak with you at your facility or over the phone to discuss your property and create a valuation report. When we complete the valuation, we’ll review it with you to answer questions and continue the conversation. 
  • Personalized consultation:Our brokers understand the factors that make a valuable storage facility. We’ll provide suggestions and tips to help you improve your property and increase its value. 
  • Effective listing: When you’re ready to sell, we’ll list your property on our self storage facility database, where interested buyers in your area can easily learn about the facility and make a purchase inquiry. 
  • Dedicated marketing: IRE brokers take an active approach to selling your property by attending networking events and trade shows to interface with qualified buyers. 

Buyer Representation

Investors interested in purchasing a self storage facility can count on IRE for comprehensive services and committed assistance throughout every step of the process. Our brokers work with both experienced and new buyers to find self storage facilities for sale that match their needs and budget. The IRE team analyzes the market down to the local level to help West Virginia buyers enter the industry or expand their share. 

The self storage sector can be quite involved, and it can take years to understand its finer details. By siding with IRE’s experienced and connected brokers, you will receive assistance compiling and filing all necessary paperwork. IRE can also assist in securing reasonable financing packages. 

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The self storage industry presents fantastic opportunities for buyers and sellers alike, and IRE coordinates deals that benefit everyone involved. If you’re ready to get started, get in touch with IRE today for a free valuation report!