Meet Amber Miller

Amber Miller

Amber Miller joined the Investment Real Estate Group of Companies (IREGC) in August 2021 as the administrative assistant, but as of June 2022, she has taken on the role of construction and facilities coordinator.

Amber is responsible for a variety of construction-related tasks including maintaining  a strong knowledge of features within the online construction software, reporting, updating budgets, and managing invoices.

Amber loves spending time with her cats, Rumpel and Bernard. She enjoys time spent with her boyfriend, friends, and family. She loves exploring new and exciting places, but museums will always be a highlight of her day trips. She enjoys taking time to go to Hilton Head Island which was a childhood vacation spot that remains a tradition today. It means a lot to Amber to put her all into everything she does. She prides herself on her go-getter attitude. She enjoys laughing and cheering others up with her contagious laugh!