Meet Daniel VonBussenuis

Daniel VonBussenuis

Daniel joined the Investment Real Estate Group of Companies (IREGC) in early 2022. He works in the construction and Development department, where he is responsible for planning and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion while monitoring progress. He predicts and manages resources needed to reach objectives in an effective and efficient manner, and provides project updates on a consistent basis regarding strategy, adjustments and progress to the director of construction. Daniel manages contracts with vendors and suppliers by assigning tasks and communicating expected deliverables. He measures project performance to identify areas for improvement.

Daniel joined the IREGC team with more than 15 years of commercial construction experience, five years in residential homes and two years in lending. He holds a bachelor of science in film and television. He lives in York, PA with his beautiful wife Alyssa; daughter, Peyton; and son, Thaddeus. He enjoys watching the Washington Capitals and Baltimore Ravens in his free time. Movies that make him laugh are a go to. The cold months are his favorite because it allows for more snowboarding.