Meet James Fleming

James Fleming

James Fleming joined the Investment Real Estate Group of Companies (IREGC) as a Project Manager in December 2022. James works  alongside the construction and facilities maintenance teams to ensure construction procedures are completed in a timely and efficient matter.

His day-to-day responsibilities  include collaborating with engineers and architects to determine the specifications of various projects, planning all construction operations, and scheduling intermediate phases to ensure all deadlines are met. He will also work with the team to evaluate progress and prepare detailed reports and timelines on each project.

James has worked in the retail facilities and construction fields for over 25 years, dealing with everything from contracts to exterior signage, new store builds, office remodels, store remodels, and much more. He grew up in the Central Pennsylvania area and now resides in Harrisburg with his wife of seven years. He is a stepfather to six children ranging from age 32 to 16, and a grandfather to one grandson and two granddaughters.

In his free time, James enjoys woodworking, golfing, fishing, target shooting, traveling, cooking and hosting events with his wife, and going to the farmers’ market.