Meet Jessica Lacklin

Jessica Lacklin

Jessica joined the Investment Real Estate Group of Companies (IREGC) in December 2019. She holds a leadership position for the company and is involved directly with organization wide goals and strategic planning, where she plays an integral role in driving company growth by streamlining back office operations and making key business decisions.

Jessica is responsible for building strong cross-functional relationships throughout the organization and translating multiple assumptions into a balanced accounting and reporting plan. She manages the daily accounting functions for IREGC, including the self storage facilities managed by Investment Real Estate Management, LLC (IREM). She leads the accounting team and provides key support and administration in banking and treasury, accounts payable and receivable, financial reporting and general bookkeeping, as well as payroll and human resources support with an outside third-party partner.

She is a member of the national Self Storage Association (SSA) and Pennsylvania Self Storage Association (PASSA).