Meet Rick Hansberry

Rick Hansberry

Rick Hansberry is the director of acquisitions for the Investment Real Estate Group of Companies (IREGC) and joined the team in November 2019. He holds a leadership position, where he plays a vital role in strategic planning, accountability and setting goals for the company.

However, Rick was no stranger to the company or to John Gilliland. He worked directly with John and the team at IREGC by helping to establish many business entities for the IREGC as well as registering trademarks for the group of companies while he was a paralegal at CGA Law Firm in York, PA.

Rick is responsible for leading all legal and due diligence efforts for the brokerage and acquisitions team such as communicating with buyers, sellers and attorneys for all real estate closings; working closely with investors and lenders for buyers and sellers; and maintaining proper documentation and licensing for all legal aspects of the brokerage business. He also handles many special projects for the properties managed by Investment Real Estate Management (IREM), such as assisting with zoning, permitting and other related tasks, and licensing and registration for various entities, among others.

Rick earned his bachelor’s degree in communications at La Salle University in Philadelphia. He also attended the now-defunct Institute for Paralegal Training in Philadelphia, earning his paralegal certificate in 1987, before beginning his paralegal career in New York City. He moved back to Lancaster, PA and worked as a paralegal at Barley Snyder in 1990, then continued his law career with CGA Law Firm from 2004 to 2019 as a transactional and intellectual property paralegal. His experience, attention to detail and accuracy in his prior roles gave him a breadth of knowledge that has quickly become invaluable to the IREGC team.

Rick was born and raised in Philadelphia. He currently resides in Lancaster with his wife, Christin, and his dog, Dexter. He is very passionate about writing and producing films. Rick has written more than a dozen feature films and twenty short films, several of which have won awards. He enjoys spending time with his family, especially his two adult children, Alison and Evan, and writes for an hour every morning to keep his creative talents sharp.

He is a member of the national Self Storage Association (SSA) and Pennsylvania Self Storage Association (PASSA).