In Search of Riskless Return

In Search of Riskless Return

We have always said the self-storage industry is more recession resistant than other industries , but it is always nice when someone else says it. Bloomberg just posted a great article, Best U.S. Real Estate With Self-Storage: Riskless Return, that is a must read.

Self-storage companies, which are in the business of renting units to businesses and residents alike had one of the best risk-adjusted returns among 10 U.S. real estate investment trust indexes in the past ten years, per the Bloomberg Riskless Return Ranking. They had the highest total return and the third-lowest volatility, for a risk-adjusted gain of 10.6 percent. What businesses were hurt the most by price swings? Offices, hotels and warehouses fared the poorest.

Check out the rest of the the Bloomberg article and see what the latest on the self storage REIT’s are.

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