Focus on the REIT’s Part III: Public Storage

Focus on the REIT’s Part III: Public Storage

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The next REIT we are going to focus on has over 2,000 locations nationwide. This REIT is also known for its bright orange doors…If you guessed Public Storage you are right.

Public Storage had its beginnings in the self-storage industry in 1972 with the erection of its first facility. Their net rentable square feet total more than 141 million, not including its PS Business Parks interest for an additional 27+ million rentable square feet of both commercial and industrial space. In fact Public Storage is one of the largest landlords in the world, based on their sheer number of tenants. They serve over one million customers.

Public Storage extended their reach and added locations in Europe as well in 2006, after acquiring Shurgard Self-Storage. They are in seven EU nations which include Belgium Self Storage, Denmark Self Storage, France Self Storage, Germany Self Storage, Sweden Self Storage, The Netherlands Self Storage and The United Kingdom Self Storage

Public Storage is proud of its vast and positive self-storage experience as well as its existence in chief markets, their affirmative customer emphasis and its overall governance position in the self-storage industry as a whole.

Public Storage is a member of the S&P 500 and FT Global 500. Common and preferred stock for Public Storage trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

For more information check their website.

Source: Public Storage

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