Our Tough Times Guide for Entrepreneurs

Our Tough Times Guide for Entrepreneurs

It’s not a big secret that this has been a tough few years for everyone. Having your own business and being an entrepreneur is not easy and is definitely not for the faint of heart. It takes perseverance and hard work. Here are our thoughts on beating tough times and coming out a winner.

Review your successes. Nobody is perfect. It is much easier to focus on our drawbacks than our successes. Take time to acknowledge your accomplishment. Spend only 20% of your time on what’s wrong, and 80% on what’s right.

Set up small measurable goals. We’ve all had meeting where we set out to conquer the world and then those big goals seem to slip by the wayside. Set up small measurable goals and make sure everyone knows who is responsible for what.

Think journey not destination. Life is about not just our final goals and destinations but is about the daily journey we take.

Be realistic and plan, but don’t go into “fear and what if” mode. Fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Remember that fear is just an illusion. It’s simply energy that can be redirected to excitement, just by changing your focus. Plan and then stop thinking about it.

Rely on your support group. You are not alone. Connect with peers. Don’t skip opportunities to reconnect with people or make new connections.

Swallow your pride. Think about the things you are learning along the way.

Practice gratitude. Think about all of the things you are thankful for, not just the things you haven’t accomplished. This will give you a better attitude.

Take care of what you have control over. Eat well, Exercise. If you don’t take care of yourself your business won’t be in a great place either.

Do something good for someone else. Take the time to give back to your community. This gives you not only perspective and further builds your networking group, but also helps those around you.

And last but not least, go for it. You never get anywhere if you don’t take leaps of faith now and then. Plan but then know when to let go and just go for it.

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