GUEST BLOG: Progressive Web Apps – The Breakdown

GUEST BLOG: Progressive Web Apps – The Breakdown

Submitted to Investment Real Estate by Laura Gattis at The Storage Group

Progressive Web Apps (PWA), a Google-developed mobile technology, are the future of online rental tools in the self storage industry. Facilities that have adopted a mobile online rental tool have found significant increases in customer satisfaction with the tenant user experience. That’s the expectation from technology in 2019; everyone has smartphones and expects everything to be available from their devices. Keep reading to learn more about PWAs and how they can help your facility increase occupancy and revenue.

What is a Progressive Web App?
A Progressive Web App operates like a traditional mobile app, but it doesn’t need to be downloaded from an app store. According to TechCrunch, most people do not download anything from an app store in a given month. In a world where user experience is key to success, taking away the barrier for tenants to download a facility’s app can make a huge difference.

In self storage, PWAs are developed as online rental tools, allowing tenants to rent units, pay bills and update account information at their convenience. PWAs are also SEO-indexable, meaning they show up on Google and on other Search Engine Result Pages. Traditional mobile apps downloaded from a smartphone’s app store are not SEO-indexable, and self storage facilities do not benefit from being in an app store.


A Progressive Web App is a hybrid of an app and a website, providing two platforms in one. Self storage owners only have to pay for one, saving money by not having to invest in separate apps, online rental tools or websites. It’s a win-win for tenants and owners, saving owners money while improving the tenant experience.

Progressive Web Apps are 15 times faster to install and use 70% less data than a traditional mobile app. For tenants who don’t have strong cell service or who have limited phone storage, this can make the difference between someone interacting with an app versus not using it. Having a PWA is important, but encouraging tenants to actually download it is just as vital. When tenants have your facility PWA downloaded, they are able to receive bill pay, weather closures and other important notifications from the property manager.

How can my Storage Facility benefit from one?
If your self storage facility is still lacking an online rental tool in 2019, tenants are not getting the experience they expect to have at your store. If you already have an online rental tool, adopting a Progressive Web App as your tool can increase the ease with which tenants are able to rent units and update their accounts. You can build buttons into your PWA that encourage tenants to leave customer reviews, increasing SEO and brand trust.

With a Progressive Web App, your tenants can update their payment information or rent a unit on the go. Being able to rent 24/7, 365 days a year means that tenants are more likely to pick your storage facility over your local competitors who don’t offer that feature. In a world where food, hotels and cars can be rented from your phone, it only makes sense that your tenants should be able to access their account from any device.

Don’t just take this at face value though. When the Best Western River North Hotel adopted a PWA, they had a revenue increase of 300%. Forbes adopted one and saw 20 times more impressions and found that users spent nearly twice as long on their website. When companies switch, the analytics speak for themselves, Progressive Web Apps work.

 What does a Progressive Web Apps mean for ROI?
Return on investment is the goal for any business, and storage facilities are no exception. As discussed above, implementing a PWA means increasing your ROI.

Developing a Progressive Web App is not a small task, and for most facility owners it may be outside of your realm of technological capabilities to do on your own. Finding a great website developer and working with them to meet your store’s needs is the first step to adopting a PWA. A PWA will likely require an entire overhaul of your storage company’s website, so research website developers and find one who has an expert understanding of the needs of your self storage facility.


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