Tips for Self-Storage Property Management

Tips for Self-Storage Property Management

A self-storage facility can be an excellent addition to any investor’s portfolio. Potential customers are always buying new goods, and they need a place for overflow when their homes or offices get full. It’s relatively easy to keep good self-storage tenants around as long as you keep them happy. Here’s some advice for self-storage property managers from the experts at Investment Real Estate.

1. Communicate With Current and Prospective Tenants

Developing a positive relationship with customers is an integral part of property management, and it starts with communication. Spend some time getting to know your current and potential customers. Learn what they’re looking for, what you can do to keep them satisfied and how you can compete with other facilities.

2. Stay Flexible

Your customers’ needs are bound to change over time, as are the accommodations competing self-storage facilities will offer. Great property managers keep up with the times and adapt with the market. This flexibility helps property managers retain customers and impress prospects with industry expertise.

3. Keep Thorough Records

Efficiency and dependability are must-have traits for property managers. With new technology, it’s easy to quickly recall documents and reports like leases, billing statements and legal information. Learn about e-leasing and other digital programs that can help you keep accurate records.

4. Tackle Problems Right Away

Good property managers respond to property defects or lessee grievances as soon as possible. Working through issues right away will help you manage your daily responsibilities while continuing to satisfy customers and make progress toward your long-term goals.

5. Join the Self Storage Association

Each state has a chapter of the Self Storage Association that hosts networking events and lobbies for owners in government. You can join your state’s SSA branch to learn from others in the industry and make connections that can improve your property management.

6. Audit Your Customer Service Team

Great property management and customer service go hand in hand. Take some time to make sure your team is doing everything they can to facilitate a positive customer experience. Your customer service team should be positive, charismatic and organized representatives of your business.

Looking for More Self-Storage Property Management Tips?

If you need help improving your property management skills, consider third-party property management from an experienced firm like IRE. We are committed to helping investors succeed in the self-storage industry, so get in touch to discuss your facility.

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