Self-Storage Customer Service Best Practices

Self-Storage Customer Service Best Practices

There’s a direct connection between customer satisfaction and your self-storage investment’s success. Renters will stick around when they have positive experiences with your facility, and new customers will be more likely to sign on if you have a good reputation.

The need for stellar customer service may seem obvious in theory, but it takes work to improve tenant experience at any facility. Here are IRE’s self-storage customer service tips.

1. Keep It Friendly

A friendly face goes a long way for customer service. Give your current and potential customers a warm greeting when they get in touch to make a great first impression and solidify a reputation for positivity with each interaction.

2. Lend a Helping Hand

Go the extra mile by doing little things that show your customers that you care. Make them feel comfortable at your office by offering some water or helping them load their belongings into their rental space.

3. Build a Real Relationship

Customers appreciate when businesses treat them like real people rather than numbers adding to their bottom line. Take the time to learn your customers’ names and a little bit about them. If your customers feel at home, they’ll keep coming back.

4. Communicate on Their Terms

Every customer has their own preference for communication. Your customer service office should offer several lines of communication, including email and phone service, so anyone can get in touch the way they feel most comfortable. Willingness to meet lessees halfway is a valuable trait for any customer service team.

5. Offer Quick Responses

Customers want to know that their concerns matter, so always respond quickly and thoroughly to any complaint or request. A good customer service team will practice active listening skills and act fast to provide a satisfactory resolution.

6. Show Your Appreciation

Showing your customers that you’re grateful for their patronage is a classy move for any self-storage investor. One way to show tenant appreciation is to send physical or digital thank-you cards when new customers sign leases, when current customers reach milestones and even when customers decide to leave.

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IRE cares about helping investors expand their earning potential. You can read more property management tips and access other useful resources on our website. We want to help you foster a great customer experience at your facility. Learn more about IRE’s property management services today!

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