There is a lot of self storage buzz out there. Companies are reporting their quarterly earnings, making some big changes and a lot is happening in the industry and beyond. One of our jobs is to keep track of everything having to do with self storage brokerage and real estate in general. Here is what we think is noteworthy. Click on the links to see the full articles.

Extra Space Storage buys 28 properties for $190 million.

NJ Legislators Propose 1% Reduction in Sales Tax, Includes #Storage. Reps of SSA and NJSSA were in Trenton to discuss.

Amerco (Uhaul) increased self storage unit occupancy 10% for the quarter, year over year.

Public Storage Releasing Earnings.

CubeSmart’s rebranding pays off.

America recovering faster than Europe, why?

We will always be at the forefront keeping you up to date on the most important info. Stay posted!

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