Permit Expiration Period Extended

Permit Expiration Period Extended

We have big news. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett just signed Act 87 of 2012 into law. This Act amended the Fiscal Code, which was an important provision regarding the expiration of permits and approvals in Pennsylvania. Act 87 extends the extension period three years – until July 2, 2016. The extension period applies to all government agency approvals, agreements, permits (including building and construction permits), authorizations or decisions allowing for or affecting development (including land development, subdivision construction, alteration, site preparation or changes in land use) and construction projects, or issued under a number of statutes, with a few exceptions.

An extension period had been in effect since July 6, 2012, which suspended the expiration date of municipal and governmental approvals until July 1, 2012.

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We hope you take full advantage of this extension. Give us a call at 717-779-0804 if you have any questions.

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