Why Self Storage is a Great Neighbor

Why Self Storage is a Great Neighbor

Let’s face it self storage can get a bad rap sometimes. You hear about the bad things that happen at self storage facilities, how ugly their buildings are, etc. But the truth is, self storage has really come a long way. Investment Real Estate has worked hard to dispel these notions.  Self Storage facilities can be a good neighbor. Here’s how.

Did you know:

  • Self storage facilities are the Second Lowest ITE traffic generator after cell towers
  • Buffer Retail Store which creates minimal noise and light pollution on neighboring properties
  • No impact on infrastructure—no additional schools, roads, services, etc.
  • Generates tax revenue to city, county, state without increasing expense to the community.
  • Gives a true retail benefit to the community.
  • A quiet neighbor.
  • Can bring the community together with their outreach projects.

Let’s dispel these other Self Storage Myths.

Myth: Self Storage creates lots of truck traffic.

Response: Very few self storage tenants use trucks to transfer their goods. Most use their everyday vehicles to access the units. When moving trucks or commercial trucks are used it is during normal business hours, thus keeping the noise to a minimum.

Myth: There is lots of crime at self storage facilities.

Response: When a self storage facility is designed with the normal security that most tenants demand, this is the last place criminals want to conduct their wrongdoings! We demand two forms of ID from every tenant, have cameras throughout the property, limit operating/access hours to “normal times of the day and night,” have fencing, key code operated gates, door alarms and most importantly vigilant managers who report any suspicious activity.
Myth: Self Storage facilities are ugly!

Response: Now self storage facilities are architecturally designed to be an asset to the Community.

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