What to Look When Hiring Self-Storage Property Managers

What to Look When Hiring Self-Storage Property Managers

Hiring the right property manager is crucial to your self-storage facility’s success. A good property manager can increase your business’s revenue by finding new sales opportunities, keeping your customers happy and motivating your staff.

As you search for the best candidate, look for these seven essential skills and traits that every property manager should have:

1. Communication

Good communication is essential for developing positive relationships with customers and fostering a happy, productive work environment. Property managers must communicate details clearly to customers and employees, answer people’s questions and ensure everyone is on the same page.

2. Leadership

A good property manager must have the leadership skills to support your team. They should help and motivate your employees, inspiring them to work hard without being critical or demanding. They should also take the initiative to find ways to make your operations run as smoothly as possible.

3. Sales

Keeping your storage units rented is your property manager’s primary responsibility. They must sell potential tenants on the benefits of storing their valuables at your facility. A property manager with professional sales experience can identify and implement effective strategies to help grow your business.

4. Customer Service

One of a property manager’s most important jobs is working with customers. From showing a potential new customer around the facility to helping existing tenants, property managers play a significant role in your customers’ rental experience. You want a property manager who’s outgoing and friendly to make customers feel welcomed and cared for in your facility.

5. Attention to Detail

Small details can make a big difference to your facility’s success. You want a property manager who will notice and attend to all the details, whether it’s changing a burned-out lightbulb or ensuring the office stays neat and tidy.

6. Positive Attitude

A good property manager has a positive attitude that isn’t easily shaken. They can handle an upset tenant or employee calmly and empathetically without being negative.

7. Responsibility

Even the most well-run storage facilities deal with operational mistakes from time to time. You need a property manager who will take responsibility for mistakes and look for ways to resolve the issue.

How to Hire a Storage Property Manager

Once you’ve found a viable pool of candidates with these desirable skills and traits, the next step is to hold interviews. The interview process gives you a chance to learn more about each candidate and their experience so you can determine who’s the best fit for your company.

When you decide to hire a candidate, you may want to conduct a background check before officially bringing them on board. You may also want to set goals and expectations early in the hiring process to help ensure their success.

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