Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms for Self-Storage Owners (and Customers)

Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms for Self-Storage Owners (and Customers)

Managing customer relations is a vital part of operating any self-storage facility. From facility news to rent reminders to holiday messages, regular communication helps you build rapport with your customers. But with so many operational responsibilities already on your plate, it can be challenging to maintain consistent communication. CRM platforms can help you automate tedious tasks and modernize your operations to improve the customer experience.

What Is a CRM Platform?

A self-storage CRM program is a customer communication tool that self-storage businesses use to manage their relationships and interactions with current and potential customers. They can help your company stay connected to your customers, streamline your processes and increase profitability.

You can use CRM technology throughout the entire customer service lifecycle, from marketing to sales to customer service interactions. With a CRM platform, you can:

  • Store customer information.
  • Record service issues.
  • Identify sales opportunities.
  • Manage marketing campaigns.

Benefits of CRM Platforms for Self-Storage Businesses

With easy access to data and increased visibility, it’s easier for your team to collaborate and be productive. Everyone in your company can use your CRM platform to review customer communication history, lease agreements, payments and other important information.

A CRM platform also allows you to send automated communications, making it easy to follow up with a customer, remind them about their payments or let them know about a new facility feature. Whether it’s an email, text or phone call, you can deliver a personalized message.

Best Self-Storage CRM Programs

A good CRM program makes customer communication seamless. It consolidates customer data into a single interface, placing all relevant data into a concise, actionable record.

Many CRM platforms are integrated into self-storage management systems, allowing you to monitor and manage all your business operations from one centralized location. 

Some of the best CRM platforms for self-storage businesses include:

  • SiteLink Web Edition: This top-rated self-storage software includes a customizable CRM system optimized to display essential tenant data points, including customer status, interaction history and important documents at a glance.
  • storEDGE: This cloud-based management program features an intuitive CRM platform with a lead-to-lease workflow, tenant records and communication tools. 
  • EasySpace: This cloud-based software uses an intelligent CRM with an interactive dashboard that allows you to track and manage customer needs. It also features a tenant portal that facilitates communication and payments. 
  • Yardi Breeze: This self-storage software helps you attract prospects and maintain happy tenants. It has a CRM queue that allows you to prioritize follow-up activities, centralize your communications and let tenants view their balance and pay their rent online.

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