What Is Mini Storage?

What Is Mini Storage?

If you browse our current storage facility listings, you may notice both self storage and mini storage properties. Though the names slightly differ, mini storage and self storage are essentially interchangeable terms. Mini storage is the same as self storage by nature, with a few minor differences depending on the location. Learning more about the differences between mini storage and self storage can help you invest in the right real estate.

Mini Storage Versus Self Storage

If mini and self storage are the same, why do we call them different names? It all dates back to the history of storage facilities. In the 1960s, Bob Munn and Russ Williams opened a facility with storage units for oil companies. These cinderblock units were marketed as the perfect space for oil barrels and miscellaneous supplies. 

The invention of self storage facilities became more popular throughout the next decade, and in the 1970s, mini storage appeared. Mini storage gets its name from the idea that people needed a “mini warehouse” for personal belongings. These units were standard size but deemed “mini” to encourage individual storage. Families began to keep their overflow of possessions in these mini units, now synonymous with self storage facilities.

Is Mini Storage a Good Investment?

When facilities are marked as mini storage, it may mean that the property has been around since the 1970s. Whether you’re building your brand or just getting started, these original facilities can be excellent real estate investments. Because mini and self storage are essentially the same, it’s best to narrow your search by the features you need, not the facility’s name. 

With a mini storage facility investment, you can enjoy a reliable ROI and low operating costs. Self storage real estate is an excellent sector of the commercial market to grow your income. When you partner with Investment Real Estate, we help you locate the best property and complete the transaction confidently.

Invest in Mini Storage With Confidence

Buying a self storage facility is easy with our team of professional brokers. We lead you through the viewing, financing and purchasing procedure so you can invest with no surprises. Whether you’re looking for mini storage or self storage facilities, we have the listings and brokerage expertise to guide your buying process.

IRE has assisted buyers across the Northeast since 1998. Our vast knowledge base and experienced team of brokers and advisors allow us to give you the best buying experience. Start your investments strong and discover our storage facilities for sale today. Reach out online to learn more!

Invest in Mini Storage With Confidence
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