Door Number One or Two?

Door Number One or Two?

We all have watched game shows where the contestants picked between the prize they were shown behind door number one, or put it all on the line for what was hidden and between door number two.

Buyers and sellers often have a style that can be compared to that. Act now or wait till later? If you are thinking about selling your self storage property, now is a great time. The Capital Gains Tax Rate of 15% expires on the last day of 2012, and current expectations are they will increase to 20% in 2013. That is a tax increase of 33%.

Here are our newest Self Storage Listings to whet your appetite:

  • 3 Property Portfolio – 413 Self Storage units, $3,950,000 in West Pittston (Luzerne County), PA
  • Galizia’s All Safe Storage – 339 Self Storage units, $2,185,000, in Fulton, NY
  • East Burg Family Storage – 130 Self Storage units & 15 RV parking spots, $850,000, in East Stroudsburg, PA
  • Kwik’N Self Storage – 50 totals units, $350,000, in Tyrone, PA

See all of our self storage listings.

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