How to Show Self-Storage Tenant Appreciation

How to Show Self-Storage Tenant Appreciation

The self-storage market is ripe with competition. It’s important to show every tenant who decides to rent a space at your facility how much you appreciate them.

Gratitude goes a long way for investors hoping to increase self-storage loyalty and solidify a consistent revenue stream. Here are a few things you can do to increase self-storage tenant retention.

1. Help With Move-In

Your customer has already made the big decision to pay for your storage space, and now they have even more work to do loading their belongings into your facility. Make their next step easier by offering to help unload their items. Whether you step in personally or have a move-in team on staff, your customers will appreciate the extra set of hands during move-in.

2. Follow up With a Phone Call

Think about how many phone calls you make to potential tenants when trying to convert leads. It may seem shallow from a customer’s perspective if you fill their phone lines for weeks before they sign on then suddenly disappear from their lives. Following up with a thank-you call after a tenant signs their lease will help them feel that they’re more than just a contribution toward your bottom line.

3. Send a Thank-You Card

Many customers will appreciate the old-school charm of a thank-you note. Send your customers a personalized message a few days after they move in or as they reach milestone anniversaries with your facility. You can even send a card to customers who decide not to renew their leases to keep the relationship open in case their needs change later.

4. Look for the Little Things

Every day is full of small opportunities to show your tenants that you appreciate their business. Stay on your toes while your customers are on the premises to find ways to make their lives easier.  Something as simple as offering a water bottle on a hot day can make your tenants feel valued. Even if they turn your offer down, little gestures can go a long way toward tenant retention.

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Customer appreciation is key in any industry, so practice active gratitude at your self-storage facility. Of course, it’s vital to convert self-storage leads before you can think about sending your thank-you note, so keep up with the IRE blog for more helpful tips.

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