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value of private lending in self storage feature

GUEST BLOG: The Value of Private Lending in the Self Storage Industry

Submitted to Investment Real Estate by Shane Soranno at Summit Capital Partners, LP The limitations placed on commercial banks by regulators may no longer provide for the ideal capital stack, and ultimately, this “tightening” is requiring sponsors to get creative. An option more frequently availing itself to investors is private debt. Most investors interpret private debt […] Read More
Awesome Website Experience

GUEST BLOG: Self Storage Facility Owner 101 – Monetizing Your Website

Submitted to Investment Real Estate by Laura Gattis at The Storage Group If you’ve been struggling to fill those last few pesky storage units, monetizing your website could just be the key. There are other factors at play in determining the success of a storage facility, but a well-designed website can help improve your facility’s reputation […] Read More
Portable Storage Units

Pros and Cons of Portable Storage on Your Self Storage Property

Over the past few years, the permeance of portable storage has increased, as have questions from curious self storage owners who wonder whether putting down some portable storage at their facility is a prudent move.   “Portable storage” can mean offering a service that involves dropping off and picking up containers from your customers’ homes and […] Read More
Choosing self storage construction company

GUEST BLOG: Considerations When Selecting a Self Storage Construction Company

Submitted to Investment Real Estate by Matt DePrato, Vice President of Affiliate Services, Storage Construction Selecting the right construction company when building your self storage project is crucial for the overall success of the project. Select a quality company and the construction process will run more smoothly. Select the wrong company and your project is guaranteed […] Read More
Economic Outlook for SS

GUEST BLOG: Economic Outlook for Self Storage – The Tail of the Cycle

Submitted to Investment Real Estate by Paul Sloate, Founder and CEO of Green Drake Advisors For the Real Estate Investor, the cycle tells all. Early in the economic cycle, opportunities abound, but money does not. And as time progresses, the money becomes more and more available, but the opportunities become less available. Unlevered returns begin […] Read More
financial modeling

Preparing to Purchase a Self Storage Facility, Part 6: Financial Modeling

The process of forecasting future performance with the goal of calculating a particular metric or set of metrics is called financial modeling, which is the subject of this blog, and Part 6 of our Preparing to Purchase a Self Storage Facility series. Here’s the scenario: Wanting to purchase a self storage facility, you’ve started to […] Read More