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Self-Storage Credit Reporting

Many industries report customers’ and borrowers’ payment history to the federal credit bureau. In the self-storage industry, credit reporting can help motivate tenants to pay their rent on time. Facility owners can also use credit score information to determine the potential financial risk of renting to a person. What Is Self-Storage Credit Reporting? Self-storage facilities […] Read More

Developing RV and Boat Storage

Offering recreational vehicle (RV) and boat storage can be a great way for self-storage owners to expand their business and increase their revenue. To successfully build these units, you must know the specific requirements for RV and boat storage development. How to Build RV and Boat Storage Facilities There are three types of units you […] Read More

Signs Someone Is Living in a Storage Unit (and How to Prevent It)

Many storage facilities deal with people living in their units. With rising housing costs and homelessness, some people in desperate situations turn to self-storage units as a place to live.  However, self-storage units aren’t safe for human habitation. The lack of running water creates an unsanitary environment, and there’s also the risk of getting trapped […] Read More

Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms for Self-Storage Owners (and Customers)

Managing customer relations is a vital part of operating any self-storage facility. From facility news to rent reminders to holiday messages, regular communication helps you build rapport with your customers. But with so many operational responsibilities already on your plate, it can be challenging to maintain consistent communication. CRM platforms can help you automate tedious […] Read More
Certifications and Career Tips for Self-Storage Managers

Certifications and Career Tips for Self-Storage Managers

Education and training are essential to being a successful self-storage property manager. While knowing general property management principles can be helpful, self-storage property management requires industry-specific knowledge and practices. One of the best ways to develop and expand your facility management knowledge is to take certification programs through reputable trade organizations. Some of the best […] Read More
areal view of storage unit property

Choosing the Best Self-Storage Unit Mix

Creating the ideal layout and unit mix is one of the most crucial aspects of developing a storage facility. You’ll need to determine where buildings should be placed and what mix of sizes your storage units should be. By finding the right self-storage facility layout, you can increase your business’s profits. Importance of Self-Storage Design […] Read More
Final notice of lease termination

Tenant Lease Termination: What You Need to Know

You work hard to increase your storage facility occupancy with good tenants. Unfortunately, there may be times when a tenant violates your facility’s rules or causes problems. If you decide the best option is to terminate the tenant’s lease, you have legal options to do so. Virtually every state has self-storage eviction laws that allow […] Read More