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How to Deal With Self Storage Competition

With its investment value and growth potential, self-storage has become a highly competitive market.  If you’re looking to stand out in a competitive and saturated self-storage market, turn to Investment Real Estate, LLC to be paired with the right opportunities. All it takes are a few good self-storage competition strategies to help you capture your […] Read More

Must-Have Features on Your Storage Unit Website

Your storage unit business needs a good website. Customers of all ages turn to the internet when they need to make a purchase, and renting a storage unit is no different. A good website for your business attracts tenants, makes it easy for them to pay you and makes your units look attractive. In the […] Read More

How to Earn More from Your Self-Storage Property Besides Rent

Rent represents an important source of income from your self-storage business, but you can earn extra money from storage units by looking beyond rent payments. Diversifying the way you make money from your storage unit can improve your business profit and can help you enjoy better returns on your investment. Investment Real Estate, LLC works […] Read More

Guide to Self-Storage Maintenance & Renovations

As a self-storage facility owner, you need to maintain your property to keep your tenants happy. Profitable self-storage renovations can increase your property value and make it easier to sell your facility when the time comes. Know which renovations will give you the greatest return on investment (ROI) to make the most of your time […] Read More
Guide to Self Storage Real Estate Gains Taxes

Guide to Self Storage Real Estate Gains Taxes

Over the past few years, self storage has become an increasingly appealing investment. The growing trend can be traced back to the U.S. financial crisis. By the time the crisis ended, funding for new construction had become nearly impossible to obtain. However, investors found that self storage properties performed well, even during the recession, and […] Read More
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Common Roadblocks in Selling a Self-Storage Facility and How to Avoid Them

The end goal of every commercial real estate transaction is to complete the process smoothly and easily and leave all parties feeling happy and satisfied with the outcome. In reality, though, those selling commercial property can face obstacles that make the transaction feel less than perfect. The best way to handle these challenges is to […] Read More
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Benefits of Improving Your Storage Unit Property Before Putting It Up for Sale

Though upgrading your self-storage business before selling seems counterintuitive, it can be beneficial to maximize the value of your property and get the biggest payout when you’re ready to sell. Investors looking to purchase self-storage facilities are pragmatic. They’re primarily interested in acquiring the business’s current income, not investing capital in a facility that has […] Read More
Kate Scheib, director of marketing

IRE Hires Kate Scheib as Director of Marketing

PRESS RELEASE: York, PA – 8/1/20 Locally owned and operated Investment Real Estate, LLC (IRE) announces the hiring of Kate Scheib as Director of Marketing. Kate Scheib joined the Investment Real Estate Group of Companies (IREGC) in September 2020 as the Director of Digital Marketing. Kate oversees all marketing efforts and strategic planning to achieve company-wide […] Read More